Mermaid Reflections
Mermaid Reflections

Mermaid Reflections

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Every Mermaid or Merman's Dream come true. This gender neutral, rattan, handheld mirror is perfect for all imaginative play, while still being big enough to display on the wall when not in use. 

Frame - 42cm L x 30cm W 
Mirror - 15cm dia
Care instructions - To ensure their longevity please dust gently. Handle with care. Parental supervision is advised due to mirror being breakable.
Note: Because these items are handmade by talented Artisans using natural materials, each item is not identical making them completely unique. 'imperfections' and 'variations' are to be expected and are a huge part of what make these products unique and individual
PLEASE NOTE: all items are priced to clear, and sale of items is final. There are no item exchanges, returns or refunds. 


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